Charity Medical Transport Service


Operating a 24hr service in Leinster  365 days a year,  As the Covid - 19 virus has started to increase yet again we are back to collecting Covid test from hospitals dropped off by National Ambulance Service,  we are still delivering covid - 19 swab test for Residential Nursing and care homes, our home service also continues for people in your communities who are still at risk, people say we will get back to normal soon, but, it won’t be the normal as we knew it, we will have to learn new ways of coping with different ways to get around be it shopping or even enjoying a night out.


We also have to change our ways of how to fund-raise by finding new ways to do this, this will be no easy task, with all our fundraising activities  been cancelled this year we still need to keep your service running, so we ask you the people reading this if you have any ideas for fundraising no matter how small to get in touch with us. we do not receive Government funding or grant subsidies of any nature and rely totally on the generosity of the public and sponsors.  If you would like to make a donation there is a donate button below at the end of our page.


We would like to thank everyone who has already donated, sponsored goods or service and for your continued support of the service we provide, without this we would not be unable to survive.


Donations can be made at the end of the page, or if you would like to email us at we would be delighted to hear from you.


Blood Bike Leinster are compliant with EU Directive 8.2.2003 and EN3373


Contact 085 8133 075