"Free" Rapid Response Medical Transport Service.


Blood Bikes offer a "FREE" essential medical transport service to HSE group hospitals, this service operates 365 days a year, Inc Christmas, St Stephens day and all public holidays, some groups operate a 24hr service were resources are available, others operate a 7pm to 6am service


Blood Bikes receive no government funding or intervention for an essential life saving service, our vehicles can be seen regularly travelling up and down motorways  from hospital to hospital, attending events, fundraising at shopping centres throughout Ireland, when people see our vehicles there first impression is they are state owned or HSE vehicles until they speak to our volunteers. Each group  maintain and equip their own group by fundraising, 100% of everything that is collected is put back into the running of the service and therefore are solely reliant on donations at fundraising activities from the public and corporate sponsorship.


Blood Bike groups are run 100% by volunteers who give their time freely to enable this free service to continue, everyone involved be it riders, drivers, controllers, fundraisers even admin staff receive no payment of any kind whatsoever.  Our volunteers are trained to a very high standard and continually monitored to ensure the standards are maintain while providing the hospitals, hospices and medical centres throughout Ireland with our service.


As demand for our service continue to grow at a rapid pace so does our running costs, thousands of miles each year are covered providing this service at no cost to the HSE or Hospitals we service.


Maybe your Company would like to make a one off donation, or sponsor good's or service's please get in touch with us at info@bloodbikes.ie we would love to hear from you.


Blood Bikes are Complient with EU Directive 8.2.2003 & EU3373 while promote Best Practice.