What Blood Bikes Do 

Blood Bike’s are a medical transport service  set up and equipped to transport urgently required blood, tissue samples, X-Rays, scans, medical equipment, human donor milk and other substances from HSE group hospital’s or hospital labs in Ireland which require more urgent investigations.

Many of the test carried out at acute hospitals can be of a time critical nature, this is due to time constraints that bloods and other items can be stored or transported which is crucial  for patients suffering from varying conditions.


Service provided 

This service is exclusively to all HSE group hospitals, hospices, medical centres across Ireland free of charge.  Blood Bike groups operate a diverse array of vehicles, from 2 wheels to 4 x 4 vehicles depending on requirement and resources available at the time of the hospital request.


Some groups offer a patient and nurse transfer services on request where resources are available.  A specialised oncology service is available for patients of St John's ward in Crumlin Children's Hospital, the home service which is a schedule service by arrangement only; were the collection and delivery of samples are collected directly from the patient home and delivered directly to the labs at Crumlin Hospital to be analysed, these are just some of the services on offer.  Before our service came along any urgent medical items requiring transport from hospital to hospital were transported by ambulance or Garda vehicles, we have now filled this void in the service now front line staff and vehicles can be used for their intended purpose “front line”.  


If you require further information regarding other services available please contact us on the number below, we are only too happy to speak to you..


Why use us.

Blood Bikes operate to a very professional standard and comply with all current legislation relating to our activities including 8.2.2003 directive and UN3373, HPRA / NICE guidelines; volunteers are trained in the safe transportation of medicines and medical samples to industry standards though PLS Pharma, continually monitoring and update our activities ensuring  high standards are maintained.

Vehicles are specially adapted unlike private vehicles tracked and monitored 24hrs a day, all collections,  all calls are recorded on our data sheet,deliveries and collections are signed, dated and timed at point of collection or delivery, this is to insure tractability at all times this is a minimum requirement set down by the HPRA.

Our Mission Statement.

Our Mission is to act as a Medical Transport Service which aims to relieve sickness and protect health by the provision of transporting  urgently required blood, blood products, human donor milk, patient records, medical equipment and other medical requirements, between HSE group hospitals, blood transfusion banks and out side laboratories FREE of charge.