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If you are interested in getting involved in Blood Bikes please get in contact. We are always looking for volunteers to join us, the one thing we ask is that everyone helps out with the fundraising. This is because with no funding the charity won’t be able to operate. Fundraising can be great fun and is an excellent way to interact with the other volunteers and members of the public and shows your commitment to the charity before jumping onto bikes and riding off into the sunset.

The roles we have are:

  • Fundraisers –  this role is the most important role within the organisation. We need people to organise events, liaise with members of the public who have organised events on our behalf and support them, attend functions to receive donations and cheque presentations.
  • Riding our response bikes – (IAM, RoSPA or equivalent qualification needed) – this is one of the most popular roles and we are constantly needing new riders to join us. The entrance bar is set very high for obvious reasons, you need to be an advanced rider and your riding standards are constantly under scrutiny by members of the public on these very big and powerful machines. If you haven’t yet achieved an advanced qualification one of the best insights to this is RoSPA IART All our new riders must accept the fundraising role plays a huge part in riding the bikes.
  • Resources Facilitators – Grant funding applications is something we are constantly investigating and the application process is a complex one.  If you are experienced in this field think of the difference you could make to us by submitting applications to funds. We currently receive no funding of any kind or payments for our service and there must be something out there that operations such as ours fits the criteria for some sort of
  • Speakers – We get lots of requests for speakers to attend a function and present our charity to their audience. This could be a coffee morning with 12 people or the local meeting with 50 people – it’s about having the confidence to stand up and speak to a crowd about our charities work.  Speaking to groups can bring in a significant amount of funds or sponsors to the charity.